The Origin
Story of Achi

Woof! Welcome to the origin story of ACHI $ACHI INU , the pup behind dogwifhat $WIF.






Token Address



TAX + Liquidity

0/0 +  Burned


Total Supply

One Billion

Supply Distribution

5 hours
Burned Liquidity
Seed Liquidity Token  Locked
Marketing, & Exchanges
Seed Liquidity LP Token Locked

What is Achi Inu?

Achi launched as a meme coin inspired by the famous dogwifhat, but has grown into a web3 project focused on onboarding retail users through our Smart wallet/decentralized exchange (DEX). Known as “The People’s Exchange,” the Achi team has turned a simple meme coin into a useful tool in decentralized finance with SocialFi elements.


Who tf is Achi?

Achi, the pup behind the dog wif hat


How did we find this?

REAL evidence of achi under the hat

  • 01 | Borovik.eth tweeted “The original dog wif hat has been found” on January 20th 2024
  • 02 | Original poster confirmed the name of dogwifhat, attributing to being inundated with DMs and comments, and tagged the actual owner, Achi.
  • 03 | The owner of dogwifhat also tweeted to confirm the name of dogwifhat is Achi

how do i buy Achi now!?


Step One

BUy Solana

Buy the Solana Crypto Coin ($SOL) from a centralized exchange such as coinbase, moonpay, or (coming soon Achi Wallet)


Step Two

Sol x phantom

Install the Phantom Wallet on your mobile device or add it to your chrome extension & send the $SOL you bought from the centralized exchange to your Phantom Wallet


Step Three

Connect wallet

Go to Jupiter, Raydium or Birdeye & connect your Phantom Wallet


Step Four

Swap to achi

Swap your $SOL for ACHI using the correct contract address (HvQKzBzp1YhXdqDUrUB8fqrfb


Last Step

Let's go!

You're in! Enjoy the ACHI ride to the moon! We're early! New features and coin capabilities coming soon...

Buy $ACHI on Jupiter

Frequently asked questions

Why was there a relaunch?


- The previous dev/team  banned the community team from Telegram that was pushing the community takeover.
- Not having access to the deployer wallet has limitations for teams with bigger ambitions than just pushing the price up.
- It allows the team/community to have funds for marketing, exchanges, and incentives.

Simply put, new team, stronger community with a big vision.

Why was there an airdrop?


There were a few reasons why we did the airdrop to the old ACHI token holders.

1) The old team/dev abandoned the project while it left many bag holders, we did not want to screw the community over.
2) Some of the team/community were early holders and had a long-term vision for Achi no matter the price action.
3) ACHI INU is all about setting standards. Instead of starting "fresh", demonstrating our commitment for the long haul. and stay.

How much supply was injected into the LP?


A total of ~25% was injected into the LP of which:
~20% is burned
~5% is locked from a small seed round.

Can you elaborate on the LP locks?


Locks: It is unknown how much supply will be unlocked as it depends on price action. We also didn’t add all the liquidity at the starting market cap. We injected liquidity in increments to help combat sniper bots and this reduces the supply of $ACHI as the price goes up. Since the price is currently higher from when the supply was injected, the LP tokens will have a much higher ratio in SOL than ACHI.

- March 16 Unlocked LP: 6.67%
- May 16 Unlocked LP: 6.67%
- August 16: Unlocked LP:6.67%

*Remember the unlocks total only 2% of TVL

What's the utility?


We are building the Achi Wallet along with other key features.
Read More

Can you elaborate on the 20% LP tokens not being burned?


This incentivizes holders to provide seed monies to fund the project launch. There is great risk in doing this as the supply could have easily been sniped by bots and then holders who provide funds lose all of their SOL.

Why is there a "danger" score on


Rugscore has a metric system that tailors towards new launches preventing people from buying into rugs. Most projects will have 70-80% of supply in the liquidity and this will automatically give a good score. We are unclear if they account for the 80% of 250M supply being burned affects the metrics as well. Here is what rugcheck looks for:

- Burned/Locked Supply
- Holder distribution
-Amount of LP Providers

How come Issa claims to be the person who made dogwifhat?


Issa, a famous Fortnite gamer made the dogwifhat a meme and with his influence, other people started using dogwifhat as a meme.- The first image of dogwifhat surfaced on November 2018.- Issa first posted about dogwifthat on December 2019.- Solana created a meme out of dogwifhat in November 2023.

Why is the liquidity pool thin compared to other projects?


Most new projects do 70-80% upon launch versus 25%. This isn’t uncommon in projects in teams that have high conviction like BONK & WEN. Both had airdrops of 50%+ of the supply which had LP limitations initially.

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